A Cardiff ETT Microcontroller board.
The version shown here features auto-select 110/240V,
two user-selectable programs
and the output drives three solenoid-valves.
(With acknowledgement to Rimer Alco UK. )

Established in 1987, the design of custom-built circuit boards and light engineering items has been the mainstay of the consultancy.

Interfacing of sensors, provision of analysis software, and data reduction naturally complement this service.
Microcontrollers are often the obvious way of optimising electronic devices, and are incorporated where necessary. Boards such as the one pictured here can be provided as part of the consultancy and software is also by Cardiff ETT, with commissioning or fitting if required.

Projects other than those featured on this website include windspeed monitoring for proposed wind turbine sites, medical physics devices, solar photovoltaic power monitoring with wireless data links, quality check software for production line (in this case electric motor manufacturers), controllers for compressed gas plant, wireless alarms, laser positioners, and active test loads.
Data analysis projects include energy balance for the built environment, and data reduction for solar and windpower projects.

The complete package is available to clients- all we need is a summary of your initial requirements (specifications) and these can be fine-tuned later on, sometimes in the light of initial trials of the equipment.